Animal Tree animal tree is an exciting underwater game where you would have to pose as different animals, starting from the small blobfish to the giant hippo and the crocodile and ultimately the shark. Therefore, we are going to show animal tree to understand the relationship between animals and tiers.

What Does Animal Tree Comprise Of?

The animals are playable characters and they are also known to play a very important role in the game. There are 31 kinds of animals that are divided into 10 tiers. Thus, many players need to know the abilities and tiers of these different animals. These animals are a part of the food chain that you have to eat in order to gain strength as well as XP points. The animal tree is divided into various tiers and each tier has a different animal starting from smaller animals to bigger animals. The animal tree must be well known before playing the game. animal tree

Deeeepio Animals Tree

  • The tier 1 animals comprise fish, blobfish, worms, and Piranha.
  • The tier 2 animals comprise Crab, King Crab, Lamprey, and two Piranhas.
  • Tier 3 Jellyfish, Frog, three Piranhas.
  • Tier 4 comprises Squid, four Piranhas.
  • Tier 5 of Seagull, five Piranhas.
  • Tier 6 of Ray, Pelican, Electric Eel, six Piranhas.
  • Tier 7 of Beaver, Anglerfish, Snake, seven Piranhas.
  • Tier 8 of Seagulls, sea turtle, Penguin, Octopus, Snapping turtle.
  • Tier 9 Hammerhead shark, Leopard Seal, Narwhal, Dolphin, Oarfish, Manatee.
  • And Tier 10 has the Shark, Whale Shark, Polar Bear, Whale, Marlin, Orca, Sunfish, Stonefish, Crocodile, Hippo, Bald Eagle, and the Manta Ray.

There are various miscellaneous animals in the animal tree as well like the Remora, Pollock, and DragonFly. These are some of the most well-known animals in the tree that are continually updated as well.

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