Browsing: Guide Guide Whale whale is a 10 tier animal. Leopard seals and Narwhales are known to evolve into whales. Whales do not evolve into any other animals as they Guide Hippo hippo is 10 tier animal which is strong and powerful. Manatees evolve into Hippos however Hippos cannot transform into anything else as they are in the Guide Animals animals are what players usually control in the game. All players’ first need to start as a small clownfish and then you must keep on eating Guide Stonefish Stonefish is a top tier animal introduced with Sunfish in It evolves after Oarfish. It is equivalent to Sunfish, Giant Squid, Cachalot, Whale, Shark, Whale Guide Crocodile Crocodile is a green “reptile” in It is equivalent to Hippo, Bald Eagle, Orca, Whale, Shark, Whale Shark, Stonefish, Polar Bear, Marlin, Sunfish, Giant Squid,

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