Evolution Tree Guide evolution tree is surely an addictive .io game. In this game, you will enjoy a game with a marine creature trying to survive in the ruthless world of the sea. It is quite hard than the shell of a crab but it is more rewarding than catching your first fish. You can learn which creature you can use at which level by learning the tier mechanism in the game. Here in the following, we will learn about the evolution tree. Evolution Tree evolution is the process that happens when an animal gets to a particular number of XP. Evolve is when an animal gets brought up the evolution tree by 1 tier.

Tier 1: Fish, Worm, and Blobfish.

Tier 2: Crab, Lamprey, and King Crab.

Tier 3: Jellyfish, Frog, Flying fish, Olm, and Piranha.

Tier 4: Squid, Giant Isopod, Catfish, Axolotl, and Little Auk.

Tier 5: Seagull, Duck, Bat, Seal, and Barreleye.

Tier 6: Ray, Pelican, Pufferfish, Lobster, Bobbit worm, and Goliath Bullfrog. evolution tree

Tier 7: Frogfish, Beaver, Anglerfish, Penguin, Snake, and Gulper eel.

Tier 8: Octopus, Snapping Turtle, Dragon Fish, Sea Lion, Barracuda, and Mahi Mahi.

Tier 9: Hammerhead, Sea Turtle, Humboldt Squid, Wobbegong Shark, Lionfish, Mantis Shrimp, Manatee, Giant Salamander, Electric Eel, Oarfish, Frilled Shark, Leopard Seal, Narwhal, and Dolphin.

Tier 10: Shark, Whale Shark, Giant Squid, Colossal Squid, Stonefish, Tiger Shark, Crocodile, Hippo, Bald Eagle, Saw Fish, Alligator Gar, Anaconda, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Giant Softshell Turtle, Sunfish, Manta ray, Polar Bear, Elephant Seal, Walrus, Goblin Shark, Sleeper Shark, Cachalot, Whale, Humpback Whale, Marlin, and Orca. evolution tree is an action that happens when an animal achieves a particular amount of XP gained from its food.

There Are Different Gaming Types

There are 3 types: FFA (Free For All), Original (v1), and Pearl Defense, each in its square with its difficulty, style, and map, but all are PVP (Player Versus Player).

The FFA:

It is common, all against all, the basics, contains all biomes and animals, as it is the main, the screen already starts with it as an option. It is the modification of the Original (v1) as it stands still in time.

The Original (v1):

It stands still in time, is for someone to know how humble at first it was. There was nothing beyond the surface, there were some islands and only surface animals.

The hammerhead shark had at least sharp teeth, the worm and the lamprey, the graphics were simple and the map was much smaller (it only had the surface), Meaning it was a small game.

Pearl Defense:

It is a kind of mini-game because it is finite and the others are eternal until patience or the net is over. It consists of two teams, one winner and one full of red and blue noobs, and each will start on the map side, opposite sides, of course.

From the outset, the player will see an oyster on top of a little piece, this is what should be defended. It will be the defense beyond the team itself, evolution tree will be very fast because what matters here is to win the match by capturing the opponent’s pearl and bringing it to the other side to make a pearl necklace.

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