Guide App for Your Phone is a newly launched popular io game where you start as a small fish and slowly transform yourself into a larger creature by eating smaller fishes. This also helps you to gain XP points and go to the next level of the game. This game is providing app on Android and iOS stores to players.

What is App? is a free software app from the Action subcategory of the games and entertainment section. This app is available in the English language and is updated on a regular basis. The deeeepio app is available to be downloaded on Android and iOS phones. You can just click on the green button and the app would be downloaded in just no time. The app is absolutely safe and there is no chance of any kind of antivirus attack as well. app

Playing Game resembles the game. So would you like to play the game? You can download the app in your mobile to play the game on the go. It can be downloaded in Android as well as iOS phones. Choose from a wide range of creatures like the fish, crab, jellyfish and squids and go on to bigger creatures like the hippo, octopus, seal and more. The app is available in the Google Play Store as well as in the I Tunes store.

Deeeepio app comprises of a number of updates with multilanguage support. The app can be downloaded for free on the Android and iOS platform. Start as a small sized fish, and eat to advance in the underwater food chain. Some of the animals include: Fish, Crab, Squid, Sting Ray, Dolphin, and Shark. Each of the animals has their own powers and characteristics. More animals and places are going to be added in the future in the animal list.

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