Marlin Guide marlin Marlin is a 10 tier animal and it does not evolve into any other animals. They drop meat upon death. As a marlin, friendly fire is turned off for all tier 1 animals and you cannot damage them nor be damaged by them.

Appearance Of Marlin Marlin is a Blueish, Yellowish, Fish in It is one of the last animals in the game, and it is equivalent to Shark, Whale Shark, Orca, Polar Bear, Whale, Giant Squid, and Cachalot. It can move faster than most animals, but when it touches another animal its speed slows. It can cause animals to bleed when it hits them, making the animal steadily lose health for a few seconds, similar to how a Jellyfish poisons enemies. This bleeding effect also alerts nearby sharks.

As a marlin, attack animals that you find, prevent Lamprey from parasiting you and beware of Sharks. Marlin is extremely sharp and fast and thus it is very difficult to escape from a Marlin. marlin

Passive Abilities Of Marlin

Jumping above water gives you a speed boost and hitting them causes them to bleed. Bleeding alerts nearby sharks due to their blood seeker ability. The suitable biome of Deeeepio Marlin is the ocean. If a marlin enters the ocean surface, it will lose oxygen. If a marlin enters the arctic, it will lose temperature. In addition, if a marlin enters the deeeep, it will lose pressure. If the Marlin enters the swamp surface, it will lose oxygen and will not regenerate salinity.

The Diet Of Deeeepio Marlin

There are different animals in this game but there is a few animals when you are a marlin. Here is the following list of food that is eaten by the Marlin:

• Barb
• Bird Poop
• Plankton
• Ice
• Volcano food
• Person
• Flappy duck

The marlin cannot hide from anywhere as it is a 10 tier animal. magic phrase is a category of that concerns all animals.

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