Orca Guide orca Orca is currently a last-tier Animal in It is also known as a killer whale and is a 10 tier animal in the world of Dolphins are known to evolve into Orcas. Orcas however do not evolve into any other animal as they are the latest tier of animals.

Suitable Biome For Orca Orca is known to drop meat on their death. The most suitable Biome for an Orca is the Ocean and the ocean surface. It loses oxygen if it enters the ocean or the arctic. If an orca enters the arctic surface, it will lose temperature. In addition, if an orca enters the deeeep, it will lose oxygen and pressure. If an orca enters the swamp, it will lose oxygen and salinity. Defeating an orca is difficult but once you transform into Orca, you can win the game easily. orca

Ability Of Orca

Killer whales can grab an animal and bring it with them. They do this to drown seagulls and pelicans. They are also very strong against sharks as when grabbing, sharks lose 90 HP per second, as sharks need to move to breathe. When grabbing animals, bring them to the bottom of the land, or near an island, so when they release, you can easily attack them.

After the Update 4-15-17, Orca evolves after Dolphin. Orca can also grab other animals’ whole boosting. The previous tier of the Orca is the leopard seal. Orcas are known to be powerful animals that have the maximum ability in the game.

The Diet Of Deeeepio Orca

Here is a list of food that an Orca can eat:
• Barb
• Bubble
• Bird Poop
• Plankton
• Ice
• Volcano food
• Flappy Duck
• Meat

Orcas cannot hide anywhere as they are the 10 tier animal. Bald Eagle is a game character loved by many gamers.

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