Animal List is one of the most fascinating underwater games that you would love to play with your friends and families. Give way to some of the most amazing animals that you can transform yourself into by evolutions. Here is a full animal list.

The Animal List

The animals are the animal’s characters that are used by the players in the game. You would need to move up in tiers, eat all smaller animals and increase in size and gain XP points. There are 10 tiers that you would need to progress through. All the animals are known to form a perfect food chain where a bigger animal would eat up a smaller animal and a gang of smaller animals can also overpower the bigger animals. Many squids together can kill a beaver. The animal list comprises of various animals, their base XP points, the description of the various animals, and various other features. animal list

So What Is The List Of Animals?

So what does the animal list comprise of? The animal list comprises of Fish, Blob fish, Worm, Piranha, Crab, King Crab, Lamprey, Jellyfish, Frog, Squids, Seagull, Ray fish, Pelican, Electric eel, Beaver, Angle fish, Snake, Sea turtle, Penguin, octopus, Hammer head shark, Leopard Seal, Narwhal, Dolphin, Oarfish, Manatee, Shark Whale, Shark, Polar Bear, Martin, Orca Sunfish, Giant Squid, Crocodile, Hippo, Bald Eagle, and more miscellaneous animals.

Walk through the animal list for the list of various animals, their abilities, there various categories, and the level where they form their food chains. The animal lists are updated in a continuous basis and new animals are also added to the same. Learn more about the animal list from the internet and online sites and play the game. There will be other animals in future, so many players can play with this game. Try the game and you would love it.

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