Hippo Guide hippo Hippo is a 10 tier animal that is strong and powerful. Manatees evolve into Hippos however Hippos cannot transform into anything else as they are in the top tier. Hippos are known to drop meat on death.

The Appearance Of Hippo

The Hippo is a Dark Magenta “Animal” in It is the top-tier animal in This animal is a top tier and evolves from Manatee. It can walk on islands but cannot jump due to its weight. It is equivalent to Crocodile and Bald Eagle. The Hippo is a 10 tier animal that evolves from the Manatees. 48,000 XP is required for a manatee to evolve into a hippo. Hippos do not evolve into any other animals, as they are one of the latest animals. hippo

Abilities Of Hippo

Clicking causes you to emit a blast that causes all nearby animals to do 50% less damage. Your active ability replaces your ability to boost, meaning you cannot boost forward. Hippo loves to stay in the swamp and the surface of the swamp. If a hippo enters the ocean, it will lose salinity. If a hippo enters the arctic surface, it will lose oxygen, temperature, and it will not regenerate salinity. If a hippo enters the deeeep, it will lose pressure and salinity. If a Deeeepio Hippo enters the swamp, it will lose oxygen; however, it can swim and its oxygen time is long enough for this to not matter.

The Diet Of Deeeepio Hippo

These are the following food that the Hippo feeds on:

  • Barb
  • Bubble
  • Bird Poop
  • Plankton
  • Ice
  • Volcano food
  • Flappy Duck
  • Meat

Hippos cannot hide anywhere as they are tier 10 animals. The scariest animal in the game is Whale.

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