An Insight Into Evolution Chart evolution is one of the most exciting underwater games where you are a creature who needs to grow in size and evolve into bigger animals in order to eat other animals. Growing into bigger animals is what evolution is all about. So what kind of animals can you evolve into? Read on.

How Do You Gain XP Points?

In the underwater game, you would need to eat all bigger animals in order to grow in size and earn XP points. This will also help you to grow more powerful so that you can survive on the board. Slowly progress upwards in the food chain and eat as many animals as you can and slowly evolve into bigger and stronger animals. You can however not eat your own species. There are various kinds of creatures that you can transform yourself into in the evolution. evolution

What Are The Creatures Of Evolution?

There are various creatures that you can transform yourself into after eating smaller creatures under the ocean. You can go up to 10 tier animals starting from tier 1 that is the Fish, Blobfish, Worm, Piranha, Crab, King Crab, Lamprey, Jellyfish, Frog, Squids, Seagull, Ray fish, Pelican, Electric eel, Beaver, Angle fish, Snake, Sea turtle, Penguin, octopus, Hammerhead shark, Leopard Seal, Narwhal, Dolphin, Oarfish, Manatee, Shark Whale, Shark, Polar Bear Martin Orca Sunfish, Giant Squid, Crocodile, Hippo, Bald Eagle, and more miscellaneous animals. These animals are also present in the 1- 10 animal tiers.

Most of the animals in hiding in certain kind of terrains that allows them to protect themselves from the predators. The evolution chart will guide you in the game and you can also find out about the strength and weaknesses of the different animals. Progress gradually in the game and eat animals to proceed in the game. Most of players want to use all animals using hacks 2019.

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