How Can Players Play

deeeep io is an underwater ocean-based online multiplayer game for online players. The main focus of this game is to eat as much smaller fishes that you can and grow in size. The ultimate goals are to dominate the ocean and to eliminate other players’ characters but you should be aware of other players’ levels.

What Is The Game About?

So what is all about? It is a lot of where you need to climb up the food chain and gradually grow in size. You start as a human and slowly evolve into bigger creatures to increase your chances of survival. Your ultimate aim is to increase in size and dominate the world of the ocean. The controls of the game are very easy. You can use your mouse to navigate in the ocean and also the space bar to boost your speed. This is the way by which you can increase your speed, eat other creatures, and progress in the game to be the winner.

How Can You Play The Game?

Playing the underwater game is relatively easy. The initiation of the game is pretty rough however it simplifies with time. There is abundant food in the food chain that you can go for in order to increase size. As you consume more food, you slowly evolve into a stronger creature and gain more XP points. Ensure that your eye is always in the oxygen meter as all creatures cannot breathe underwater.

You can eat any species apart from your own species. sharks are the biggest species in the game that does not follow any rules and can just about anything in the ocean including its own kind. Once you evolve into bigger creatures and dominate the ocean world, you win the game. You need a streaming internet connection to play the game. You can find the details you wonder about the game on the wiki.

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